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Tree surgery by the tree experts in Reading

If the trees and shrubs in your garden are growing in an unruly fashion, it is a good idea to get a crown reduction done. This process helps to control the height and spread of the crown area and give the plants and trees a more compact form.

The tree care specialists at Bloomfield Hatch Tree Care can perform a wide-range of crown work in Reading, Moertimer, Spencers Wood & Burghfield to help trees grow in a certain manner so that their growth do not interfere with other aspects and areas of your property. Crown work also improves the aesthetic appeal of your garden by giving the plants unique shapes and designs.

Specialist services for your trees

• Crown reduction

• Crown thinning

• Dead wood reductions

• Crown cleaning

• Crown lifting

• Pollarding

• Pruning

• Stump and root removal

Tree surgery services

Tree care specialists

• Windblown clearance for safety

• Wood storage

• Ground clearance

• Mulching

• Woodland maintenance

• Tree health inspection

• Tree felling

• Brushwood removal and more

Tree surgery